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James' shows always leave the audience asking for more.  The hilariously creative   content of the show turns audience members into the stars of the show and instant comedians.

At the beginning of the show, James comes on stage for a brief and funny introduction where the entire audience will participate in an amazing mental experience together. 

After the volunteers are on stage and hypnotized in front of the audience, friends laugh and watch in awe as their friends become space aliens, win the lottery, dance on stage with mops they think are supermodels, see celebrities in the audience and much more...

After the show, James always goes into the lobby for post-show mayhem with the volunteers where audience members can get an even closer look at the hilarious reactions. 

Many schools add James' 30-minute mentalism-mindreading show to the event making for a complete evening (up to 2 hours with intermission) of amazing, high-energy and insanely funny entertainment. 

In the mentalism show, James will reveal numbers, pictures and names audience members are thinking of as their friends look-on in utter amazement.  A randomly chosen name and number out of a borrowed phone book is revealed in the fairest way possible, four random numbers from the audience are added up by another audience member and the total matches a sealed prediction held by another audience member the entire time.  Impossible?  You have to see it to believe it!

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